The HeadquARTers building was designed by the architectural duo of Robbrecht and Daem, who combined four 19th-century warehouses, two Art Nouveau houses, and a new building into an original and practical whole. Old bricks and wooden warehouse vaults have been innovatively juxtaposed with concrete, glass and steel structures. The result is an airy building bathed in light. Robbrecht and Daem received the Award of Belgian Architecture for this design in 2002.

Modern and contemporary art is displayed throughout the building. The antique textiles collection plays a unique role in this complex. Through the subtle use of light and glass, the textiles are illuminated and protected. The display cases have been designed so as to merge into the background, while their contents are foregrounded. The overall effect is an atmosphere at once serene and vibrant. 

The adjacent Art Nouveau building is home to the stylish Katoennatie restaurant. It is a calm and beautiful setting for an elegant meal. Guests are surrounded by the works of Gustave Woestyne, Jan Toorop, Emile Claus, Edgard Tytgat, ...