Blind Date reopened on 19 May 2020


Time for a blind date! After eight weeks shut away behind closed doors, the people in our portraits can’t wait for you to visit them!

Sadly, your blind date with the people in our portraits has had to wait for a while. But now you can finally meet them. The necessary precautions have been taken so that the locations at which the BLIND DATE exhibition is being held can reopen as of 19 May. We invite you to make the acquaintance of our 15th, 16th and 17th-century portraits in appropriate and evocative settings.

BLIND DATE will draw you into a dialogue with people from a long vanished time. Stern looks, barely concealed smiles, sly glances, healthy blushes and casual eye-contact: portraits are mirrors of their time. You’ll be amazed at the stories you can tease out as you come face to face with all that pride, wealth, hard labour or charming beauty.

Our visitor guide tells you the story behind each portrait. After this exhibition, you will never look at a contemporary or historical portrait in the same way again.

See you soon!

Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions for Visitors. We’ve taken the necessary measures and we ask you to respect the rules too, to protect yourself and others.

We can only allow four visitors to enter the Snyders&Rockox House every 15 minutes, so we advise you to book your ticket online.