Visit HeadquARTers

HeadquARTers is the command centre of Katoen Natie, an international logistics operator based in Flanders. This global group is Flemish, and is based in Antwerp. Its beating heart is located in the HeadquARTers buildings in Van Aerdtstraat.

Nowadays, great art tends to be exhibited in galleries and museums. As a consequence of this preservation, the art can seem separate from everyday life. However, great art used to be a part of daily experience. It was found in churches and castles, in mansions and palaces, in courtrooms and town halls. In the HeadquARTers buildings, Katoen Natie renews the tradition of bringing art to life, creating symbiosis between entrepreneurship, architecture, art, and history.

Katoen Natie’s HeadquARTers is a unique workplace with an  authentic feel. The old warehouses have been converted into an atmospheric working environment where each room is different from the next. The presence of the artworks help to create this variety. The art fosters both inspiration and a sense of community as it encourages informal encounters among employees.

HeadquARTers houses a permanent exhibition “3500 Years of Textile Art”, one of the world’s most extensive displays of antique textiles.

In addition, the corridors of HeadquARTers are home to “Rascals & Rebels”.

Can you visit HeadquARTers? You are most welcome. Visits can be organised for both groups and individuals. These are arranged by appointment only.

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